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To assist employees quickly integrate into the corporate environment and enterprise culture, systematically acquire knowledge and experience. Bringing employees’ expertise and interests into full play, accelerating to enhance the work skill, implementing the value of continuous learning, through well-rounded training system and diversified learning tools, encouraging and stimulating studying, to further in-depth design a personal development plan as a training, assessment, and development foundation. With a double-track promotion system makes the right employee for the right job.

Diverse opportunities for career development
Wonderful Hi-Tech sincerely exerts to provide employees with the best training and development possible. We fully support employees in acquiring new knowledge and technical expertise. Through training courses and a mentor system, we wish to enhance the individual development plans of our employees and provide them with plenty of opportunities for growth.

Job rotation
We encourage employees to have diverse experiences and learning opportunities by training under different divisions, thereby gaining perspective and expanding areas of technical competence.

Overseas Assignments
With globalization, employees are provided opportunities for overseas assignments. Such unique opportunities provide another stage for employees to obtain experience and develop potential while increasing both themselves and the company’s competitiveness.

Ad hoc Project Assignments
Assignment to individual projects provides opportunities for cooperation with colleagues from different divisions. Employees gain valuable work experience while contributing to the company.

At Wonderful Hi-Tech, employees can learn anytime and anywhere by coaching from supervisors and colleagues, internal training, external training, on-job training, self learning, and other ways. It makes employees and the company growing together!

Fixed Pay
We offer various bonuses in addition to fixed pay.

We offer year-end bonus, management bonus, performance bonus, and other bonuses to reward employee’s outstanding performance. The company determines the amount of bonus based on profit status, departmental achievement, and individual performance.

Employment Bonus
We offer employee bonus to reward employees for their contribution to the company. The payout is directly based on profitability, team performance, and individual performance.


Insurance Programs
Statutory insurance and employee group insurance

Leave Programs
Paid annual leave, maternity leave, and overtime compensatory leave

Employee Assistance Program
Counseling Services
Health examination program
Employee restaurant and Gym
Domestic tour, department dinner party, and birthday party

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