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Environmental & Sustainability Statement

Wonderful Hi-Tech is committed to considering the environmental impacts for all of our projects. Our company aims to ensure that any potential adverse environmental impacts of its actions are minimized and opportunities for delivering environmental improvements are maximized.
Sustainability is part of our performance design and will be embedded in the process from the start. This is continuously reviewed as part of our Project Quality Management procedures. Clear sustainability objectives for each project are adopted and communicated to all employees and stakeholders throughout all aspects of design, manufacturing and management.
Our Commitment to All Employees, Customers and Our Community:
  • To ensure all materials conformed to RoHS, REACH and Japan Sony Green Partner environmental control specifications.
  • To ensure all materials do not contain restricted heavy metal or harmful material.
  • To test raw material conformity by independent laboratories each year for their safety and health parameters as required for environmental protection, health and sustainability.
  • To ensure all environmental risks are assessed, managed, controlled and minimized.
  • To promote and adopt best practice for sustainable design, manufacturing and management.
  • To recycle and reuse recovered materials from manufacturing wastes and end-of-life products to enhance a greener environment.

Eric Chen / Quality Manager

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